Seek Tables Missing from Radio Downloads

Budgie ajebay at
Wed Jan 1 19:30:02 EST 2014

On 17/12/13 00:18, Budgie wrote:
> I find that I am unable to use the progress bar on control point
> (BubbleDS) to select a point in mid programme on some downloaded radio
> files.  I have been advised that these .m4a files have no seek tables.
> I have searched for a while but cannot find out where and by what
> program these tables are built in the GiP download process.  Are they
> part of the data from the source or created during the downloading
> process?  If the latter, by which program?
> I am trying to understand the process a bit more so if anybody can help
> or point me to a good source of info so I can read up it would be much
> appreciated.
> Budgie

I think my problem of .m4a files without seek tables stems from the
period when, after an update, I didn't have AtomicParsley (AP) correctly

Is it possible for me now to create seek information using AP?

Many of the files are long and since I do not need sound editing
precision when choosing a start point, is it possible to choose the
interval between data points to keep the seek data volume small?

Please could somebody help me here?


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