Late Junction program query - help please!

Vangelis forthnet northmedia1 at
Wed Jan 1 01:02:41 EST 2014

On Wed Jan 01 04:44:11 BST 2013, Richard Mace wrote:

>Yes, I DID do --refresh previously ;)

 Happy New Year, Richard!

If I'm not mistaken,

get_iplayer --refresh

by default refreshes the TV cache only;
seeing that you were after a radio show,

you should've tried these commands instead:

get_iplayer --type=radio -f --force

or even better:

get_iplayer --type=radio -f --refresh-future --force

>I can stream the program from i-Player (although
>only in SD, not HD)

 If in the UK,
the default stream you get on the (new) iPlayerRadio page
is the HD one, i.e. AAC-LC @320kbpsABR.
If you run a modern browser and an updated version of Flash,
this is what you should get - however, the right-click context menu
is misleading, i.e. it reads:
128kbps | RTMP (limelight) | unknown codec | unknown dimension

when, as stated, the stream is in fact 320kbps (this is an exception
only for Radio 3 Listen Again, other National Radios are indeed

so, SD=HD.

In the new iPlayerRadio Page, I do not see a setting to fall back to the
LD stream (HE-AACv2 @48kbpsVBR) - this is present only in the (old)
iplayer page:

in the "Lower Bandwidth" selection, down on the left - If you click on that,
the page is refreshed and the setting is turned to "Normal Bandwidth";
the flash player streams the LD version, rc context menu now reads:

EMP v.3.0.0.r617463_618125_4
b03mnx98 | 48kbps | aac | LI 4.0 (1) | 512x288

 However, a cookie is set storing your selection - if you do not click on
"Normal Bandwidth" or do not clear cookies, next time you visit an old
iplayer radio show page, the programme will be delivered in the LD 
I have done some quick tests, this cookie does not seem though to affect the
new iPlayerRadio pages. So, while I am not completely sure of the exact 
of your issue, I think I have covered every possible scenario :-)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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