Couple of problems since Wheezy stable install

Jake Tucker tucker.jake333 at
Tue May 7 08:38:56 EDT 2013

Thanks for replying dinkypumpkin.
I'm afraid of looking into this right now as there are a couple of
other things not computer related that need my attention this
However I wanted to ask quickly:-
You asked why I build ffmpeg and rtmpdump. Well I'm a creature of
habit but going back to why I started - I thought that ffmpeg in the
Debian repos is built without lame. There's no real reason for
rtmpdump. Just the way I've always done it with ffmpeg, rtmpdump and
get_iplayer folders in a folder labelled git in my home folder.
As for checking the value of $MATE_KEYRING_CONTROL. This is going
above my knowledge of Linux. I put 'MATE_KEYRING_CONTROL' into a
terminal and was rebuffed ('command not found' which is what I thought
would happen). How do I check the value of $MATE_KEYRING_CONTROL?
Entering the same thing (MATE_KEYRING_CONTROL) into google shows me
that I'm not the only one with MATE keyring problems.
When I have a Linux problem I do like to understand the whole process
that's causing the problem. Afterall if I plan to use MATE it looks
like this could be something I need to understand. I do have a PC with
Windows and get_iplayer which is working fine so for now I'll use that
for my BBC shows and in the meantime I'll get my head around values
Thanks dinkypumpkin.

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