Issues installing v2.82 Windows 7

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Thanks for the suggestion, I already tried the antivirus option as this was a thought of mine initially but it didn't seem to make a difference. The computer in question is now in a shipment en route back to the UK so I will pick it up again in a few months when I get it back.



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On 24/04/2013 15:11, Chris Dobison wrote:
> I have get_iplayer 2.82 installed on my Windows 8 Laptop without issue, however when I try to install on my home PC running Windows 7 I get the "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item" error. I had v2.80 installed previously without a problem, there is only one user account on the computer and it is set to Administrator. Just to check I activated the master Admin account, signed into that and got the same error.
> I uninstalled get_iplayer 2.80 just in case that caused the issue, and downloaded the latest installer again, yet I get the same error.
> Can anyone help please? I now have no get_iplayer on my computer (D'oh!!!)

Just a guess, but maybe your antivirus is to blame?  From your description, it seems a bit unlikely that the problem is with file permissions per se.  You could get that generic "cannot access" message for other reasons, e.g., if access to a file is blocked by antivirus. Scan the file manually to see if it's flagged by your antivirus software.  The download library bundled in the installer is known to occasionally generate false positives as a generic downloader trojan, though I think that has been weeded out of most antivirus software.  If there seems to be a false positive, use whatever mechanism is provided by your particular antivirus software to release the file or mark it as OK.  In the extreme, you can try temporarily shutting shut down *all* antivirus components - including any memory-resident scanners, etc. - and then trying to launch the installer again.  I suppose there is always a chance the file is being infected after you download it,
 so exercise your own best judgement.

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