Ability to specify a temporary directory.

John G. Dargie john.g.dargie at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 19 10:03:00 EST 2013

On 19 Feb 2013, at 13:24, dinkypumpkin wrote:

> You're not the only one, but I'm not clear why you don't like the proffered solution.  It's nothing more than including something like this in your options file:
> command mv -n "<filename>" "/somewhere/on/network/drive/"
> I've done that for a long time and it works fine.  Of course, you can use a shell script for more complex post-processing.  And as Kapitano pointed out, get_iplayer's download history check prevents you from downloading a programme you already have, so need for special measures there.
> ...
> If you decide to hack your copy of get_iplayer, you should flip your idea on its head.  Rather than introduce a temp directory, leave --output as it is and add an option something like "--postproc-dir". Then immediately after run_user_command() is executed, test for that option and do the necessary file move/copy if it is set.  This will avoid the need to change any existing functionality. But still, that's no different than using --command as above.
> You're forgetting the metadata tagging …

Thanks for those extra ideas.  I'm reading up on the various options now, and looking to make more use of the pvr/command/subdir options again.

In the past I found the internal history would let me down regularly when a download had previously stalled, while get_iplayer assumed I had got it fully downloaded ok.  Other things were frustrating me as well, like --subdir-format "<episodeshort>" used to use the value of "<episode>", even though the "info" for a programme showed them as different.

So I switched to using get_iplayer mostly as just a "download" tool, but wrote my own script to check the validity of the downloads, and to rename directories/files as I liked.  It's worked well for a few years, except for the performance now I'm using a network drive.  Mind you, those "bugs" were when get_iplayer was in limbo, so perhaps I'll find they are no longer bugs.


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