infradead is down

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Sun Feb 10 12:10:51 EST 2013

On 10/02/2013 11:59, Colin Law wrote:
> On 10 February 2013 11:10, sarakitty1 at <sarakitty1 at> wrote:
>> For me only the lists infradead address works for me, www seems to be completely down, and for some reason Get_iplayer has a "phone home" functionality that makes the program not start up unless it can connect to that website, it checks for updates then closes itself when it can't permission to open the program from the phonehome server? o_O

get_iplayer treats online updates of plugins or the main script as 
standalone activities, so exits when the update completes (or fails). 
Of course, that relies on an assumption that plugins would have been 
installed on first run...

> As to why your get-iplayer is trying to access it (to obtain plugins
> it says) I don't know.  I thought this only ran on the first startup.

It runs for DIY installs that don't have any plugins installed. That 
usually means only on first run, and then only if get_iplayer wasn't 
installed by a package manager or installer.  However, the plugins check 
is done on every invocation, so if the plugins have been deleted for 
some reason, an update will be attempted (and fail in this case)

I'm inclined to change get_iplayer so that the plugins check isn't run 
on every invocation.  If you're doing a DIY install, it's reasonable to 
expect you to run "get_iplayer --plugins-update" after install, or even 
just copy the plugins to $HOME/.get_iplayer/plugins yourself.

>> I suppose the sensible thing would be to modify the source code and remove the phone-home thing since it's all "free and open source" but I don't know how to :( I am posting up the installer (which doesn't totally work, it installs most of the dependent programs but then hangs when it tries to download the from the site) together with my get_iplayer folder with the missing files that the installer can't download (like

If there is something you need to download today, just run get_iplayer 
with --packagemanager=1, which will prevent the plugins update check.

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