can someone point me to the list instructions please ...

Colin Law clanlaw at
Sat Aug 31 15:25:03 EDT 2013

On 31 August 2013 12:33, J K.Eason <john at> wrote:
>> Sorry, was using 'reply all' - will stop that now - thanks for
>> pointing it out
>  No problem. That one was ok! :^)

With gmail unfortunately there is no Reply to List, so I have to use
Reply to All, and then try and remember to manually remove the one to
the sender, though I am never sure whether posters want one direct to
them or not.  The biggest problem is that this list is different to
most that I use, where Reply goes to the list, so I have to remember
to use Reply to All in the first place, never mind remembering to
remove the poster.


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