Reducing volume

Derek Moss dmgi at
Fri Aug 16 08:56:28 EDT 2013

Is there any way to automatically reduce the volume of iPlayer
downloads as part of the download process, or will I just have to run
them through some program once they've finished? If the latter, is
there a quick, lossless way to do this without re-encoding the files?

The reason I need to do this is that iPlayer is much louder than
LiveTV, for me at least. When I'm playing iPlayer streams on my PC
with Mediaportal, the difference isn't too bad, so perhaps my codec
(LAV) is limiting the volume but when using XBMC on my RPi, the
difference is quite striking and I have to reduce the volume
considerably for iPlayer streams (which is more of a pain as
autorepeat doesn't work on the remote volume keys due to some OS bug,
so I have to press them 15-20 times). I haven't actually tested
playing downloads instead of streaming but I can't imagine the volume
will be any different.

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