0 matching programmes when I attempt to pvrqueue

Square Penguin getiplayer at squarepenguin.co.uk
Sun Aug 4 19:45:52 EDT 2013

>I do a search and get the number, e.g.
>$ get_iplayer 823

What type of search are you doing? I believe the --pvrqueue command is
used in conjunction with searching the future programme schedule, that's
what the documentation says anyway.

So I'd *assume* that if you are not searching for future programmes, or
referencing an index/PID that is for a future show, then the --pvrqueue
won't work.

More explanation here:


I don't know how familiar you are with get_iplayer so apologies if
teaching you to suck eggs but you can get a decent overview of the PVR
function for 'non-future' programmes here:



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