cron sendmail output

ross the.ross.bradley at
Thu Aug 1 05:13:57 EDT 2013


I have recently setup a cron job to take care of all my get_iplayer pvr
This setup is not very elaborate, but works as expected.

Currently at the end of the cron job i use ssmtp to send it's output.
I understand that this email is just the output of the command as if
run from the cli. 

I would however like to know whats been downloaded in a more compact
way. Without the verbose output of the command.

I was thinking about getting this info from the
~/.get_iplayer/download_history ... but then how to email? before
getting into complicated tail, loop, awk and sed scripts then pushing
to ssmtp, is there an inbuilt way?

What are other people doing here?


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