Moving Get-Iplayer to a new install

ross the.ross.bradley at
Thu Aug 1 04:57:35 EDT 2013

On Thu, 1 Aug 2013 07:16:55 +0100
"Tim Guiver" <Tguiver at> wrote:

>  I would also like to take with it the list of programs it has
> already downloaded 

You should be able to take the
~/.get_iplayer/{livetv,podcast,radio}.cache and copy to an identical
location under your new users home folder.

> take all my PVR searches 
> I assume these things exists somewhere in a text file? I just cant
> find them.

The pvr searches should be within ~/.get_iplayer/pvr 
So its probably best to copy the entire content of ~/.get_iplayer over 


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