Get_iplayer on Raspberry Pi

tommy myname at
Thu May 31 13:11:18 EDT 2012

> But I have now seemingly got it working after running rpi-update (hexxeh's
> firmware updater).
It may have needed a shared library link/cache update (by running
"sudo ldconfig") - the firmware updater might have done this for you.

Anyway, glad to hear it's all working fine now.

> Oh - and the other interesting thing is that the new rtmpdump 2.4 seems to
> hover around 21% cpu
> whereas 2.3 seemed to take about 30% (or maybe my connection's running
> slower? LOL)

I imagine cpu usage is quite bandwidth sensitive. It sounds like you
have a good connection: I had similar 10-15% usage on both v2.3 and
v2.4 over my (doesn't-ever-get-near) 8M connection yesterday evening.


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