Help with downloaded radio file formats and thumbnail jpgs please.

Alastair ajebay at
Fri May 25 18:10:28 EDT 2012

On Fri, 25 May 2012 16:00:00 +0100 dinkypumpkin wrote:
>On 25/05/2012 14:47, Alastair wrote:
>>Would that be perl-Music-tag by any chance?   I have installed that anyhow.
>Nope.  perl-MP3-Tag is the package you need.  The Perl Music::Tag library and its 
Music::Tag::MP3 plugin just call MP3::Tag, so I cut out the 
>middleman.  The perl-MP3-Tag package is available from PackMan.  If you can't use 
PackMan for some reason, another build of the package 
>appears to be buried in an unstable repo:

I have it now from Packman thanks.  

>>My problem with installation was entirely due to the new openSUSE package manager
>>front end "apper" which calls packagekit.  Deleted apper and good old yast now runs as
>So the problem was with "apper" and not "zypper" then.  Apples and oranges, and 
unrelated to get_iplayer.  Can't help you there - not a KDE 

Sensible.  I should consider an alternative too.

>>before and seems to work a treat.  At least AtomicParsley is now installed.  Is there
>>anything I must do to configure it/change permissions owner etc?
>No.  get_iplayer should pick it up automatically.
Great.  Will try it now.
Very many thanks again for your help.  

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