AtomicParsley (Windows) crashes when writing some descriptions

James Cook james.cook at
Tue Sep 20 14:35:51 EDT 2011

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On Tue, 20 Sep 2011 07:44:22 +0100, you wrote:

I don't know what the windows installer installs - but your problem
reminds me of an AtomicParsley problem I had in April - sporadic
crashes during mp4 tagging.

Doing a "AtomicParsley -version" shows me 
>AtomicParsley version: 0.9.4 (utf8 with utf16 CD access)
This version - which I compiled under a recent Cygwin works fine for
me - no crashes - after I contacted the developers about a Cygwin bug.
I've included it as an attachment - but you may need some Cygwin DLLs
to run it.

Other versions such as jonhedgerows do not work all the time:
>AtomicParsley version: 0.9.4 (utf16)

Could be a character encoding problem.

I have a very customised install of get_iplayer with a wide character
solution - which I'll publish as soon as my dev. machine is repaired


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