Using get_iplayer on Windows to download radio

geoff.getiplayer_list at geoff.getiplayer_list at
Wed Mar 16 14:11:07 EDT 2011

I've recently reinstalled Windows and hence get_iplayer. I figured now 
would be a good time to sort out my issues with downloading radio shows. 
Quite simply, I want to use get_iplayer to download various series of 
radio shows. I would like to have these shows in MP3 format, with the 
appropriate information in the ID3v2 tags and a thumbnail in the MP3 if 
that is possible. What is the best way to achieve this? I previously had 
it working quite well using the iPhone format but I think the BBC 
changed something and that no longer worked. I now can't get an MP3 to 
be saved for the Radccliffe and Maconie show on Radio 2, I can only get 
MP4 which iTunes doesn't seem to like. I previously used the UI but can 
use the command line if required and someone explains what I should do!

Kind thanks,

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