get_iplayer clash with dBpoweramp (Windows)

Shevek shevek at
Sun Jul 31 18:17:15 EDT 2011


This probably affects very few users however I thought I'd post to the
list in case anyone has this problem in the future.

I've just discovered a small incompatibility problem between
get_iplayer and dBpoweramp Music Converter [1] (which is a very useful
audio conversion tool).

I kept getting some odd problems with radio downloads, either being
left with a "name_pid_default-temp-id.m4a" file, or a
"name_pid_default-partial.m4a" file or a properly named file but
without any tagging.

I then tried a few test downloads and noticed some permissions errors
which I had never gotten before.

I then remembered that I had installed dMC recently and the problem
appears to have started since then,

dMC has some Explorer extensions which give extra tabs on the
Properties window, some extra info in the mouse over tool tip and
extra info in the "Are you sure you want to move this file to the
Recycle Bin?" dialogue box.

These extensions do cause some issues when viewing an explorer window
with audio files in as it tries to discover the info it needs. It also
locks the files for a few seconds while it reads the info, even
stopping files from deleting sometimes!

I guessed that this may be causing my permissions errors in
get_iplayer so I switched off the Explorer features in dMC
configuration and get_iplayer now works fine again for my radio

To switch off the features do this:

1. Start -> All Programs -> dBpoweramp Music Converter ->
Configuration -> dBpoweramp Configuration

2. Select the Music Converter tab

3. Uncheck the "Enable Pop-up Information Tips", "Thumbnail and
Property Handler" and "Property Sheet 'Audio Properties' Page" options


That should do it. I'm not sure which of the 3 options causes the
problem but I can live without all 3 so switched them all off.

Hope this helps someone at some point as it certainly gave me a
headache for a while!



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