get_iplayer hasn't worked properly for ages

Rog zulu.romeotangohotel at
Sat Jul 30 09:48:36 EDT 2011

I have been pfaffing around for weeks now, trying to fix get_iplayer but I 
nam on the cusp of giving up entirely, except that (when it works) I love it 
to bits!

So, two questions...

1. How do I _totally_ uninstall get_iplayer and _all_ it's associated files?
(I have tried to remove everything previously, but it _always_ remembers my 
settings...and who knows what else...)

2. Where can I download  a version that just simply _works_ , straight out 
of the box?
(No patches, going there, doing that, fiddling about and generally getting 
in a right muddle...<g>

I only want to use the Web PVR Manager in Windows XP, definitely not the Cmd 
line interface if I can avoid it!


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