Can't download _any_ TV programmes even with patched script

Steve Anderson steve at
Thu Jul 28 12:00:59 EDT 2011

On 28 July 2011 16:57, Chris Marriott <chris at> wrote:
> I reported yesterday that installing the "swfurl" patch had fixed my
> download problems, but I spoke too soon. I've downloaded the latest full
> script from "github", but I'm still unable to download anything. At about
> the 250s mark into any programme I get:
> ERROR: RTMP_HashSWF: couldn't contact swfurl
> (HTTP error 301)

301 is a redirect header. Try visiting that URL given and it
immediately redirects here:

Try replacing the swfUrl variable with that - it should work. I did
something similar a while ago and it fixed my woes.


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