Can't download _any_ TV programmes even with patched script

Chris Marriott chris at
Thu Jul 28 11:57:37 EDT 2011

I reported yesterday that installing the "swfurl" patch had fixed my 
download problems, but I spoke too soon. I've downloaded the latest full 
script from "github", but I'm still unable to download anything. At about 
the 250s mark into any programme I get:

ERROR: RTMP_HashSWF: couldn't contact swfurl (HTTP error 301)

the download resumes, but quickly fails with various errors about headers. 
I'm using RTMPDump 2.3 on Windows.

The same error occurs with both "flashhigh" and "flashhigh2".

As you see from the error message, I have the version of the script with the 
patched swfurl.

Anyone have any ideas as to a solution?



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