All TV downloads failing at about 240s

Chris Marriott chris at
Wed Jul 27 02:42:49 EDT 2011

I've been successfully using the latest get_iplayer under Windows for  
many months. This morning, however, any attempt to download TV gets to  
about 240s into the programme and then fails with:

ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet body. len: 73508

it will then attempt to resume, get a little way further, and then  
repeatedly give:

WARNING: Stream does not start with requested frame, ignoring data...

before finally failing.

This is happening with ALL downloads of TV programmes, although radio  
downloads seem to be working OK. Every download is failing at the same  
point - around the 240s point - which makes me suspect an issue at the  
BBC end of things.

I'm using the standard rtmpdump 2.2d which comes with the Windows  
installation. I've tried replacing it with the later 2.3, but it fails  
in exactly the same way.

A typical command line I'm using:

get_iplayer --mode=flashhigh --pid=b012t6ly

Is anyone else seeing this problem?



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