Errors downloading this evening

Tony Quinn tony at
Sat Jul 16 08:07:26 EDT 2011

In message <4E217DE4.9060209 at>, Clive <roadcone at> writes
>On 15/07/2011 22:47, Christopher Woods (CustomMade) wrote:
>>> I always use the Windows command prompt to do my d/l. If you
>>> give me the command to check out the server I'll give it a go
>>> (though this evening, things are much back to normal with the
>>> occasional slooowww d/l which times out).
>> Good man yourself! Big boys use the command prompt ;-)
>> I usually specify --verbose to get all the grimy details. The server
>> connected to is listed amongst the various connect info. --streaminfo will
>> show the media stream URLs. --debug will show everything including the
>> kitchen sink.
>Since last night, all that I have tried have come down cleanly. I have 
>just tried and succeeded with a Now Show. I did a --streaminfo and 
>pasted that into a text file which can be obtained here:

After a couple of shaky days, it does seem to have settled down.
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