Errors downloading this evening

Clive roadcone at
Wed Jul 13 18:11:54 EDT 2011

On 13/07/2011 23:00, Tony Quinn wrote:
> In message <4E1E11DA.6050001 at>, Nigel Taylor
> <njtaylor at> writes
>> Hi,
>> You need to upgrade what you are seeing is a known problem. You need the
>> latest rtmpdump version 2.3, (rtmpdump version 2.4 source is available,
>> but no built windows version yet) your's is 2.2d.
> FWIW, I have *just* updated rtmpdump and am getting the same errors.
> Will investigate further in the morning


But I had re-installed middle of last week when I started getting 
problems. Initially I went again for Falco and after this evening's 
install, it d/l like a train but gave me an aac. I had been using the 
script which did a further remux to m4a so copied over the .pl in the 
new install with the m4a version - and it all fell apart again. So I 
removed the m4a version and copied back the version from this evening's 
install - and it still all fell apart. So, I conclude that my Falco 
"train" experience was luck.


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