Bug report for 2.78 and 2.79 (--update)

Chris Davies chris at roaima.co.uk
Tue Jan 18 10:41:58 EST 2011

Hi all,

I can't see where to log a bug report, so if this isn't the right place 
please point me onwards.

Linux command line get_iplayer version 2.78 and 2.79. Maybe a few 
earlier versions too.

Updates only work if one is actually in the directory containing 
get_iplayer, or if you have a file "get_iplayer" present and writable in 
one's current directory. If you remove line 28 ($0 = 'get_iplayer';) 
then the updates work correctly and as expected, i.e. "sudo get-iplayer 
--update" works again.


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