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Wed Jan 12 14:55:06 EST 2011

On Saturday 08 January 2011 15:49:13 Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> Or, the Squeeze packages for get-iplayer and flvstreamer actually work fine
> on Lenny, you just have to install them by hand. Fetch them from [1] and
> [2], and install them with dpkg as root:

I use get_iplayer on Squeeze, using your packages -- thanks very much.

I have been using it with flvstreamer for many years but I recently installed 
rtmpdump 2.3-2 (from the Squeeze repository) because of the comments on this 
list that rtmpdump V2.3 handles the Flash auth stuff.

Now get_iplayer has trouble downloading.  The two downloads I have attempted 
both got interrupted a couple of times.  The first time each one restarted fine.  
The second time get_iplayer is stuck in a loop restarting rtmpdump which is 
exiting with several messages including:

WARNING: Stream does not start with requested frame, ignoring data... [several 
WARNING: Stream does not start with requested FLV frame, ignoring data... 
[several times]
Couldn't resume FLV file, try --skip 1

If I ^C out of that and try again later I get the same errors and the same 
infinite loop.  I have tried specifying --skip 1 (using --rtmp-tv-opts) and I 
get the same behaviour but suggesting to try --skip 2.  I did -- no different. 
--skip 100 is no different either.

1) Does anyone know whether the "couldn't resume" problem is fixed in a later 
version of rtmpdump?  Is there a mailing list for rtmpdump?

2) Any chance of getting a fix for the get_iplayer infinite loop when rtmpdump 
hits this problem?  Is there any more info I can supply?

As I can't afford my cron job hitting the infinite loop I guess I am back to 
flvstreamer, even though it has to resume about every 20 seconds!


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