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Jonathan Wiltshire jmw at
Sat Jan 8 10:49:13 EST 2011

On Sat, Jan 08, 2011 at 01:12:47PM +0000, M2 wrote:
> Hi All,
> could someone please help me with step by step install of
> get_iplayer on Debian (Lenny) machine?
> have tried apt-get install get_iplayer but it does not work :(
> E: Could't  find package get_iplayer

get_iplayer packaging was not ready in time for Lenny release, so Squeeze
will be the first version in which APT will know about it (and the package
will be called get-iplayer, because of our naming constraints - but both
get-iplayer and get_iplayer are valid commands once installed).

The Squeeze release is imminent, so you could wait the next few days^w^w
couple of weeks while we get it finished and install that. (you can install
it now actually, even though it's not quite in its final shape yet - you
shouldn't notice the difference at this late stage in the process.)

Or, the Squeeze packages for get-iplayer and flvstreamer actually work fine
on Lenny, you just have to install them by hand. Fetch them from [1] and
[2], and install them with dpkg as root:

  dpkg -i flvstreamer_*.deb
  dpkg -i get-iplayer_2.78-2_all.deb
followed by 'aptitude install' and follow the prompts, if there complaints
about missing dependencies.

One caveat: this package does not include some of the most recent patches
from the repository, because they came too late. As soon as Squeeze is
released I will backport them and announce this to the list.


> Trying to leave the world of Windows and have installed on old
> laptop (Dell Latitude D810) Debian to play with and would like to
> run get_iplayer on it ;)

welcome to the free world :)

On Sat, Jan 08, 2011 at 01:31:33PM +0000, fs ck wrote:
> Run these commands:
> That long URL will change in future as that is the current latest
> commit to the git repo.
> Getting rtmpdump will be a case of going to the rtmpdump site,
> downloading and unpacking the src code then cd'ing to the source dir
> and typing 'make'. After that you can copy the resulting rtmpdump
> binary to /usr/bin/rtmpdump and the librtmp.*.so file(s) to /usr/lib/

If you're going to use the World's Most Awesome Package Manager®, it's
fairly silly installing things from source if you can possibly avoid it (as
in this case). Big packages have a habit of getting sprinkled all over the
disk and the package manager doesn't know how to remove them cleanly, you
don't get the benefit of the packager's testing on the distribution you're
using, and more importantly you don't get any automatic security support.
Installing from source on a Debian machine should be a last resort.

On Sat, Jan 08, 2011 at 03:27:36PM +0000, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > That long URL will change in future as that is the current latest
> > commit to the git repo.
> Can't you use HEAD instead of the hash?
> And isn't there an 'extra packages for the free world' repository for Ubuntu like rpmfusion for Fedora, where 'yum install get_iplayer' works fine.

Well this isn't Ubuntu, and yes: we call it backports. It only doesn't work
fine because we haven't released yet.

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