WebPVR Mnager is totally borked :-(

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>> All I need to know now is how to ensure all radio d/l are .mp3 
>> rather than .aac
>> I currently have:
>> *flashaachigh,flashaacstd,flashaudio,flashhigh,flashstd,flashnormal,
>> realaudio,flashaaclow*
>> What I would like is to modify the above to, as I said, get all 
>> radio in mp3 format (no .aac),  but without mucking up the TV 
>> downloads.
>> (Only using WebPVR Manager...)
> If you can stand using get_iplayer from the commandline just once, use
> the following command to change the default mode for radio in the
> options:
> get_iplayer --radiomode flashaudio,flashaudio1 --prefs-add
> It should then download in mp3 format by default. 

Do I just copy and paste that line at the prompt and hit enter?

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