Using ffmpeg for FLV to MP3 demux (includes patch)

Peter Scott ttocsretep at
Sun Jan 9 14:43:41 EST 2011

On 9 January 2011 14:57, Andy Bircumshaw wrote:

> Are you sure you're downloading MP3?
> It would seem like your .flv might contain video &/or AAC > audio if it plays with a .mp4 extension.

Sorry! You are correct. Every one of my .FLVs is audiocodecid: mp4a
and Audio: aac according to ffmpeg -i. They are all radio downloads.

BTW: I think the use of mplayer dates from when the beeb used
realAudio. Before get_iplayer I used a home-grown script that used
mplayer to download the RTSPs.


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