Get iplayer on windows...

Andy Owen argon0 at
Sat Jan 8 16:55:21 EST 2011

Been happily using get_iplayer on windows for some time, mainly
because I like the web pvr functionality...

Now mine has broken over the Xmas period like many other installations.

I've seen various people suggesting that there may be a work around,
but have been unable to pinpoint exactly what that would be.

Could someone either say:

1) there is no solution at present, tough
2) the solution is to use a Linux version (and here is how you do it),
preferably with a web gui
3) there is a solution for windows users, and this is what you need to do...
4) there is a solution for windows users but nobody is sure what bit
is as of yet.

If this latter is the case I shall spend more time reading the lists...



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