Failed to stream file

manolo27 at manolo27 at
Thu Jan 6 19:28:43 EST 2011

Hi there,

I'am usually ripping music with Beeb's default AAC-format - with exactly 
the same issue:

On Wednesday still everything went fine: both quality versions,  
flashaac and flashaaclow, worked like a charm.

My setup in detail is - just in case it may help:
get_iplayer v2.78 with RTMPdump v2.3 on Win7 32bit located in Germany.
For grabbing the HQ AAC stream I'm using an UK glype proxy, the low 
quality variant doesn't require any bypassing methods.
Every favourite radioshow has its own simple batch-file containing 
command lines such as:
get_iplayer --type=radio "gilles peterson" --force-download --overwrite 
--get --amode=flashaac --output=D:\BBC\new\HQ 

Strangely the same command for downloading the mp3-file of the show 
(mode flashaudio1 instead of flashaac) however still does the job 
without any errors or interruptions! (Anyone out there with similar 
But as I prefer the AAC files because of the slightly better quality at 
128kbps (VBR) in comparison to mp3 (CBR) this is not a really a solution 
for me...

Any tipps/suggestions? Or do we have to wait until there is a 
workaround/update? Hope there will be an early solution!

I tested the mentioned "100 years of the Palladium" also without any 
success: Tried flashhigh1 mode, connected and finally failed...

Best regards from South Germany & a prosperous 2011,


> On 06/01/2011 17:41, info wrote:
>> Connecting ...
>> INFO: Connected...
>> ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
>> INFO: Command exit code 1 (raw code = 256)
>> WARNING: Failed to stream file
>> <snip>
>> INFO: skipping flashstd2 mode
> Been seeing the exact same thing since this morning using get_iplayer
> v2.78 with rtmpdump v2.3 on Windows 7. Not only can't I download anything
> new, I can't download another copy of a program I successfully downloaded
> two days ago.
> It looks like the Beeb may have changed something and it will be up to the
> authors of get_iplayer and/or rtmpdump to figure out what that something is :(

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