[Re: Mp3 from Radio]

FJuniper fjuniper at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 09:01:20 EST 2011

David Woodhouse wrote:
> Well, it got through because at least it wasn't HTML nonsense, so you're
> doing a lot better than a number of others :)
> But since you ask... I'm not sure what you did, but there's no
> 'In-Reply-To:' header in your first reply, so it's not clear that it's a
> reply to Zulu's message and threading isn't preserved. When you later
> replied again to Jimmy's message, you did that normally and the
> threading *was* preserved. It's worth knowing that whatever you did that
> first time, it breaks threading.
You got it - in my first, I think I (inexplicably!) did Forward then 
pasted in the Lists address.
The second, I did Reply All, and it all worked fine
> So I see today's three messages all together in a thread in my inbox,
> but the original message to which you replied is not associated with
> this thread.
I never did see my first post in my inbox!

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