PS3 problem playing get_iplayer h.264 videos

Jon Davies jon at
Thu Dec 29 11:15:15 EST 2011

On 28 December 2011 17:47, < at> wrote:
> I have downloaded  b018xsm2  (I've Never Seen Star Wars) today and it was
> encoded with the version of  ffmpeg I posted a link to earlier.
> SVN-r22140-Sherypya built 02 March 2010.

I've also done some experiments - and running a 'broken' file through
MP4Box results in a file that plays perfectly.

So we have
- ffmpeg <= r22140 works
- ffmpeg newer than that (or something around there) doesn't work
- broken files run through MP4Box fixes the broken files.  (using
something like MP4Box -add broken.mp4 fixed.mp4)

which convinces me that the problem is in ffmpeg, and isn't really
anything to do with get_iplayer.  Interestingly ffprobe reports a
48khz sample rate for both broken and working files, whereas the PS3
reports 48khz for the broken ones, and 24khz for the working ones.

Next step is to see if the latest builds of ffmpeg and/or libav still
exhibit this behaviour.


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