PS3 problem playing get_iplayer h.264 videos at
Wed Dec 28 12:47:14 EST 2011

Sorry I haven't caught up with this thread earlier,  it's been a busy 
time of year.   :-)

It's very odd that your PS3 is resetting when trying to play a video 
file,  I've not had problems like that.  Just the "normal" no audio, too 
fast video problem.   Hope there's not a problem with your PS3 itself.

I have downloaded  b018xsm2  (I've Never Seen Star Wars) today and it 
was encoded with the version of  ffmpeg I posted a link to earlier.     
SVN-r22140-Sherypya built 02 March 2010.

The resulting file plays absolutely fine on my PS3  (Slimline model with 
latest firmware from Sony).

The command line that get_iplayer used to convert the flv to .mp4 was:
E:\gip\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i 
-vcodec copy -acodec copy -f mp4 -y 

Maybe you could try downloading this file with get_iplayer and seeing if 
it plays on your PS3?  Perhaps copy the file to a USB stick if you have 
one and plug it in the PS3 and try to play it from there which will 
eliminate the media streaming from the equation.

I actually gave up using my PS3 as my media player (it was too noisy, a 
bit unreliable and I wanted to play HD mkv files without converting 
them)  and I instead bought a eMachine ER1401 which I picked up for £110 
from   CPC had these on offer for a similar price recently 
but they're now out of stock again.

On 27/12/2011 11:39, don rossie wrote:
> On 27 December 2011 04:35,<don.rossie at>  wrote:
>> I tried an older version of ffmpeg on my windows 7 setup and all this did
>> was to reset my ps3 (older 40gb model, also known as the fat shiny top
>> model) to a shutdown state with the red power light flashing. This happened
>> as soon as the video was started with the ps3 controller X button. The video
>> was running from my zyxel 310 nas. The funny thing is that the same video
>> works just fine on my Ipad??
>> Don...
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>> On 27 Dec 2011 03:56, Andy Bircumshaw<andy at>  wrote:
>> On 22 December 2011, at 19:24, don rossie wrote:
>>> ...
>>> I have been reading up on this problem which is the video files play
>>> at double speed with no audio and the solution seems to be to use an
>>> older version of ffmpeg.
>> For the record, I'm also getting this on my PS3 at the moment, using ffmpeg
>> 0.7.7 on Linux.
>> I'm pretty sure that Shevek has documented this in the past, but I must have
>> accidentally slipped into upgrading to a buggy version.
>> I never normally use my PS3 for watching iPlayer downloads now, so I have no
>> idea how many videos on my NAS are affected. I'll try to test a newer
>> version of ffmpeg the next few days.
>> aB.
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