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don rossie don.rossie at
Mon Dec 26 16:47:12 EST 2011

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your interest in trying to resolve this issue with
playing get_iplayer videos on both the Ipad and the PS3. (the only one
so far)

I am running get_iplayer version 2.8 on windows 7 and none of the
current downloaded get_iplayer videos will work on the PS3. The PS3
symptons are that it runs at twice the normal speed with no volume
(version 2.7 also exhibited exactly the same problem as version 2.8)

If any of the downloaded get_iplayer videos are run through handbrake
(on the regular normal setting) they will then work fine on both the
PS3 and the Ipad without any issues.

>From information that I have found on Google, the BBC change the audio
parameters about a year ago that reduced the frequency from 48000Hz to
24000Hz (reduced by half) and this confused the PS3 which makes it run
at twice normal speed with no volume.

Another infradead subscriber offered me a solution which was to
install an older version of ffmpeg which I tried but it just made the
PS3 shut down when I tried to play a video, so this did not fix the
current problem.

The only current solution that I have which enables get_iplayer videos
to work on both the Ipad and the PS3 is to run downloaded get_iplayer
videos through Handbrake.

I do hope that this helps you in formulating a solution for any future
downloads but I would also like a solution which lets me convert all
my current downloaded get_iplayer video files of which I have some 750
videos in my collection.

If you require any further information then please do not hesitate in
contacting me where I will be only to pleased to help

Kind regards

On 26 December 2011 16:37, Jon Davies <jon at> wrote:
> On 24 December 2011 16:30, don rossie <don.rossie at>
> wrote:> I am trying to find a way to use get_iplayer that downloads
> files that> can run on the PS3 and the ipad....I have a (slight)
> interest in fixing this, and a patch for ps3 users would probably be
> pretty straightforward.  I had a quick (very quick) trawl of google to
> see if I could find other references to this problem, but couldn't.
> So could you identify one or two (currently available) programmes that
> won't play on a PS3, and if possible one or two that do?
> Jon
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