Tosca, BBC2 Live stream, Saturday - How?

Andy Bircumshaw andy at
Thu Dec 22 00:22:19 EST 2011

On 21 December 2011, at 19:59, Clive wrote:
>> You helped me capture the live R3 audio broadcast of Tosca a couple of months ago and now the BBC is broadcasting the video of the same on BBC2 on Saturday afternoon. As it is music and the ROH, I do not know if it will be available from iplayer later so would like to capture is live just in case. Can I do this ... or, how can I do this?
> I use Terminal on Linux or the command prompt on Windows. I have viewed source in Chrome with live BBC2 playing but can't see anything that looks like a streaming url in a similar format to that used on the R3 capture.

This one?

I see no reason that `get_iplayer --pid b018nvw5` shouldn't work, but you'll have to wait until Saturday or Sunday and see for yourself whether it becomes available on the BBC's iPlayer site.


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