Coldplay - Radio 2 home page - how to d/l it?

Clive roadcone at
Sat Dec 17 14:50:21 EST 2011

On 17/12/11 19:36, dinkypumpkin wrote:
> On 17/12/2011 16:03, Clive wrote:
>> Your guidance worked fine and I now have the video - thank you.
>> I have a question though, your pid is p00mlvcy - when I right-click on
>> the video on the R2 home page, the pid is shown as p00mlvd0. Your pid
>> works, mine does not. Can you explain to me how you got yours, and why
>> mine, in the same command, does not work.
> [Cut]
> Clear as mud, eh?
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Actually, very clear and thank you for the full explanation. I've done 
this poking around the source in the past but get_iplayer has made 
things so much easier that I'd not even thought about the need to go 
back there. Yes, makes lots of sense and I must keep a record for the 
next time!!


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