Coldplay - Radio 2 home page - how to d/l it?

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Sat Dec 17 14:36:14 EST 2011

On 17/12/2011 16:03, Clive wrote:
> Your guidance worked fine and I now have the video - thank you.
> I have a question though, your pid is p00mlvcy - when I right-click on
> the video on the R2 home page, the pid is shown as p00mlvd0. Your pid
> works, mine does not. Can you explain to me how you got yours, and why
> mine, in the same command, does not work.

I think the pid p00mlvd0 refers to the stream for the programme 
"version" in get_iplayer parlance (default, audiodescribed, signed).  It 
might apply more generally in identifying multiple items in an iPlayer 
playlist resource.  At any rate, it is part of the identifier for the 
specific media stream that the flash player is accessing, which is why 
you see that value when you right click on the player.  get_iplayer is 
coded to start one level up with the metadata describing the programme 
or episode itself, from which it then ferrets out the identifiers for 
the "versions" and turns them into URLs for the individual streams 
corresponding to the available modes.  So in this case, pid p00mlvcy 
refers to the iPlayer programme resource itself.  To find it, you select 
"View Source" for the page of interest and look for where the flash 
player is set up.  In this case, you would see the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
glow.onDomReady(function() {
   var emp1 = new bbc.Emp();
   emp1.set("config_settings_skin", "black");


You can see the pid for the programme in the playlist URL.  Of course, 
in this case it is a playlist with only one entry, for the Coldplay 
video.  If you put that playlist URL into your browser, it will return 
the XML definition for the playlist, where you can see the <item> 
element has an "identifier" attribute with the value p00mlvd0.  This is 
the metadata that get_iplayer processes to find the available media streams.

Bottom line: for get_iplayer you need the pid (referring to the iPlayer 
programme resource) that is fed to the flash player by the enclosing web 
page, not the pid used to identify the stream that the flash player 
eventually connects to.  Clear as mud, eh?

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