BBC Radio1's Essential Mix November 2011

Fenwick Cooper fenwickc at
Thu Dec 1 12:54:47 EST 2011

get_iplayer quits normally in the first mins of downloading BBC radio 1'sessential mix. It returns:
> INFO: All streaming threads completed
But the show is only partially downloaded. (e.g. I have the first 10 MBof about 84 MB).
This does not seem to happen with other shows, for example Judge Juleson radio 1.
The problem started for the essential mix on the 18th of November 2011and continues. Earlier Essential Mix shows worked fine.
BBC's own iPlayer in Firefox on my system does not seem to suffer anyproblems with this show.
I have tried many of the command line options and am using get_iplayerversion 2.8 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Thanks in advanceFenwick

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