--before option in pvr searches

Bill Denton dentonwe at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 10:30:05 EDT 2011

I have used the before option in my pvr searches for HD programming.
It is supposed to limit the search to programmes added more than N
hours ago (I used 24). This gives the BBC time to put the flashhd
version up. This allows "tvmode flashhd,flashvhigh" to be used to get
the HD version if available but fall back to the vhigh version.
However, it seems to prevent my pvr search from working:
get_iplayer --preset=pvr_flashhd "Doctor Who: Series"
INFO: Using user options preset 'pvr_flashhd'

INFO: 0 Matching Programmes

get_iplayer  "Doctor Who: Series"
159:    Doctor Who: Series 6 - 1. The Impossible Astronaut, BBC One,
Drama,HD,Highlights,Popular,SciFi & Fantasy,TV, default,

INFO: 1 Matching Programmes

where preset pvr_flashhd contains:
whitespace 1
attempts 50
thumbsizecache 512
nopurge 1 # Don't display purge/delete notices
thumbsize 512
#thumb 1
tvmode flashhd,flashvhigh
before 24
thumbext tbn
fileprefix <name> - <episode>
metadata xbmc_movie
nocopyright 1 # Disable copyright notice
subtitles 1
#flvstreamer /usr/local/bin/rtmpdump # Don't need this anymore as finds it
#atomicparsley /usr/bin/AtomicParsley # Don't need this anymore as finds it
fatfilename # Windows compatible filenames
output /media/storage/videos/iPlayer/

When the "before 24" is commented out it is fine. So it appears to be
the "before" option which is breaking it.

Any ideas on how to get the "before" to work so that the HD version
can be reliably downloaded.



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