new programmes notavailable

chris chery chrischery at
Mon Apr 25 14:53:29 EDT 2011

since sat sat 23 rd may it looks as if the list of programmes available is 
not updated anymore
 For example impossible to find and download the new ddoctor who( series 6 
ep 01) , same with the latest qi or have i got news
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>> On 2/3/2011, at 11:21pm, chris chery wrote:
>>> On 1/3/2011, at 7:34pm, chris chery wrote:
>>>>> I find it impossible to download any of the progs in sign language and
>>>>> i get
>>>>> 'no programmes available for this pid'
>>>>> I can get 'see hear' ok but none of the other progs with an 
>>>>> interpreter
>>>>> signing in the foreground
>>>>> any suggestions welcome
>>>> `get_iplayer --versions signed "The Beauty of Books" -g` works fine
>>>> here.
>>>> aB.
>>> thanks andy
>>> yes that works fine but i cannot get any of the other programs  using 
>>> the
>>> same syntax
>>> why not?
>> No idea, Chris.
>> You're going to have to give us a little more information.
>> All I know is that you said you can't get any programmes in sign 
>> language,
>> and the very first one I try, picked at random, works just fine. Now you
>> tell me, oh, no, that one works for you too, it's all the others you're
>> having trouble with.
>> How about you post the PID(s) of some programmes you can't download, that
>> you've definitely tried downloading and you get without signing, and also
>> post a full copy of get_iplayer's output when you try to get one of them.
>> Ideal is if you attach the output as a plain text attachment.
>> I can't promise to be able to help further with this, but if anyone can
>> assist you then the full output of get_iplayer will make the job easier.
> thanks andy
> i tried copying  your syntax line scrupulously for "being Ronnie corbett"
> and it did not work
> BUt I found out why
> I was not using straight quotes but 'smart' quotes
> Its ok now after editing autocorrect and auto format in Word ( mi os is 
> xp)
> but why do i get
> ( see attachment)
> when I type
> get_iplayer --subtitles --get
> 85 --modes=flashhd,flashvhigh,flashhigh,,flashstd --force
> thanks again

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