Can watch iPLayer but not use get_iplayer?

dinkypumpkin dinkypumpkin at
Sat Apr 16 06:41:44 EDT 2011

On 16/04/2011 06:19, Vangelis forthnet wrote:
> On Sat Apr 16 00:13:41 BST, bat guano (batguano999 at wrote:
>> Hi
>> That TV programme has downloaded OK for me without using the patch.
>> No error messages.
>> Maybe it's because RTMPDump v2.3 is installed (not v2.2).
> I propose this latest patch makes it to the infradead git repo! (Once
> again, CHEERS dinkypumpkin!)

I was seeing the problem with RTMPDump v2.3 as well (on OSX).  The 
download would always kick off, but eventually rtmpdump would fail (on 
first connection drop/retry cycle) with a Client Verification error.  I 
would guess this is what happened for others as well.

However: As I suspected, this appears to have been just a temporary 
hiccup at the BBC end.  For the moment at least, the request for the 
flash player file is no longer returning a redirect (HTTP 301) to me in 
the UK, so rtmpdump works OK.  Perhaps they were just moving servers, or 
the redirect only went to certain networks.  No idea.  At any rate, 
normal programming appears to have been resumed.  If anyone is still 
seeing this problem, post to this thread and attach a log from 
get_iplayer run with the --verbose option.

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