How to Apply the Patch to Add BBC Radio 4 Extra?

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Mon Apr 4 13:29:15 EDT 2011

Thanks Guys
this works a treat

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> Subject: Re: How to Apply the Patch to Add BBC Radio 4 Extra?
> In message , Jeremy
> Bartle writes
> >OK, I've answered my own questions. For anyone interested, here is
> >what I did. I shan't be offended if any experts want to post a better
> >way! I am running Windows 7 and I use get_iplayer solely via the Web
> >PVR and solely for radio.
> >
> >I downloaded an editor called Notepad++ from
> > It's free, with an option to donate.
> >
> >I made a backup copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\get_iplayer\
> I used gVim (which is on the system), but the process was just about the
> same - the windoze box doesn't have "patch" installed, and for three
> lines it was quicker to hand edit the .pl file
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