downloading video clips from the bbc news website

Andy Bircumshaw andy at
Fri Oct 22 10:25:50 EDT 2010

On 22 Oct 2010, at 14:23, Alexander Smith wrote:

> Using that URL, get_iplayer downloads the top video on the page  
> without
> issue.

It doesn't here.    :(

> According to the metadata, the following modes are available:
> flashhigh1=7MB,flashlow1=3MB,rtsphigh1=7MB,rtsplow1=3MB

How do you find that, please?

Here I have the same problem when trying to get --info:

$ get_iplayer -i --url
get_iplayer v2.78, Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Phil Lewis
  This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use -- 
  This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under  
  conditions; use --conditions for details.

INFO: Trying pid: using type: tv
INFO Trying to stream pid using type tv
INFO: pid not found in tv cache
INFO: Checking existence of default version
INFO: No specified modes (flashhd,flashvhigh,flashhigh) available for  
this programme with version 'default' (try using --modes=)
ERROR: Failed to record ' -  ('

It seems to be treating the URL as a PID. I installed the XML::Simple  
perl module the other day, but I'm still somewhat suspicious this is  
some kind of dependency thing, or a perl versioning bug.

I'm particularly suspicious of the URL 
  in the verbose output (see attached).

Could I possibly ask what version of Perl you have installed, please?
Here `perl --version` shows v5.8.8. I'm running on Linux, although I  
can see you're obviously on Windows.

> I'm using:
> get_iplayer -g --url
> with the following in my option file:
> modes
> flashhd 
> ,flashvhigh,flashhigh,flashstd,flashnormal,flashaachigh,flashaacstd
> subtitles 1
> isodate 1
> outputradio Z:\Vidz
> outputtv Z:\Vidz
> subdir 1
> nopurge 1
> #player 'mplayer -cache 128 -'
> thumbsize 832
> thumbsizecache 832
> atomicparsley C:\atom.exe
> #ffmpeg
> flvstreamer c:\rtmp\rtmpdump.exe
> #id3v2
> #lame
> #mplayer
> #vlc
> metadata generic
> versions default,signed,audiodescribed

I can't see that my options look substantially different from that.


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