Help requested - using get_iplayer on Mac OS X 10.6

Andy Bircumshaw andy at
Thu Oct 21 19:19:16 EDT 2010

On 21 Oct 2010, at 22:39, Ian McDonald wrote:
> ...
> Very recently I have stumbled on version 2.78, and have loaded it  
> onto the iMac.  I can get it to list all the radio stations, and the  
> programmes for the stations I am interested in.  However when I take  
> the next step and try to download a programme I get the following:-
> WARNING: Required program flvstreamer does not exist (see 
>  and
> INFO: skipping flashaudio1 mode
> ERROR: Failed to record
> ...
> I would be very grateful if someone who has got get_iplayer to work  
> with OS X 10.6 could talk me through, in words of one syllable, what  
> I need to do now.

I'm not running get_iplayer on OS X right, now, but I am sitting at an  
OS X machine.

Are you running get_iplayer from the command-line?

I'm guessing you'll need to do something like:

$ chmod +xxx flvstreamer_macosx_intel_32bit_latest
$ ln -s flvstreamer_macosx_intel_32bit_latest flvstreamer
$ get_iplayer --pid b00vjgxf --get

Putting . in your path is not a long-term solution, but please post  
back *exactly* what you're doing at the command-line so that we can  
help you rouble shoot exactly. I'm *assuming* that you're using the  
command line but, y'know, I'm only guessing that you're not trying to  
use a GUI of some sort. Copy and paste verbatim what you see in the  
Terminal window.


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