Help requested - using get_iplayer on Mac OS X 10.6

Ian McDonald 3falconer at
Thu Oct 21 17:39:13 EDT 2010

I used regularly to use get_iplayer on my Windows XP computer, which died the death last March.  I replaced it with an iMac, and proceeded, slowly, to populate its Applications folder with things I wanted to do.  When I got round to installing get_iplayer I discovered that Phil Lewis had removed the program from his site.

Very recently I have stumbled on version 2.78, and have loaded it onto the iMac.  I can get it to list all the radio stations, and the programmes for the stations I am interested in.  However when I take the next step and try to download a programme I get the following:-

WARNING: Required program flvstreamer does not exist (see and
INFO: skipping flashaudio1 mode
ERROR: Failed to record 

I cannot connect to, the site seems to be no longer available.  I have downloaded a copy of flvstreamer_macosx_intel_32bit_latest, and have installed it in the same folder as get_iplayer, with no apparant effect.

I would be very grateful if someone who has got get_iplayer to work with OS X 10.6 could talk me through, in words of one syllable, what I need to do now.

With thanks in anticipation,

Ian McDonald

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