XML::Simple perl module Error

Andy Bircumshaw andy at networkned.co.uk
Thu Aug 26 16:22:06 EDT 2010

On 26 Aug 2010, at 15:16, Dave F. wrote:
> ...
> WARNING: Please download and run latest installer or install the  
> XML::Simple perl module to use the Series and Brand pid parsing  
> functionality
> It downloaded the required file, so I don't think it's urgent, but I  
> like to know how to fix it.
> What does that message mean?
> What file is it I'm looking for? XML or Perl? & what folder should  
> it be in?

Perl is a programming language, the programming language that  
get_iplayer is written in.

XML is a kind of "document format", a way of containing and describing  
information. It looks a lot like HTML. The BBC's iPlayer presents (I  
believe) information in XML format.

XML::Simple is a Perl programming library for parsing XML. It allows  
the maintainer of get_iplayer to extract information from XML - and  
thus get information from the BBC website - and write less programming  
code to do so.

Like it says, the message means uninstall get_iplayer and then re- 
install it again using the latest installer. [1] I don't run  
get_iplayer on Windows, so I'm not familiar with the installer or  
whether there's an Add And Remove Programs item, but I'd assume so,  
and I'm pretty sure someone else has reported this to work.

There are known bugs since the migration to XML::Simple. Sorry, not my  


[1] Or install the XML::Simple perl module from CPAN, the standard  
repository of Perl modules, but it's probably easier to just use Add  
And Remove Programs

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