booting from network with fc6 or fc7t2 / Apple G4 PPC ? yaboot ?

Pierre Bourgin pierre.bourgin at
Tue Mar 6 12:43:36 EST 2007


I confirm the 6 MB barrier for file transmitted via TFTP.
I don't know if this limitation comes from yaboot or the Apple's 

I was finally abble to launch the installation of the FC6 from the 
network thanks to yaboot/TFTP by reducing the ramdisk.image.gz file from 
6.2 MB to 5.3 MB.

In details, I unpacked ramdisk.image.gz and removed some drivers I do 
not need from its modules/modules.cgz file (qlogic / hba drivers, JFS 
and XFS support) and upated configuration files in modules/ .

Does Fedora project plan to provide ramdisk.image.gz < 6 MB in the future ?

my $ 0.02

Pierre Bourgin

Pierre Bourgin a écrit :
> Hello,
> Can someone has any advice about netbooting Apple Mac PowerBook G4 based 
> to install FC6 ? or has a status about it ?
> I try to use yaboot from TFTP server with the OpenFirmware command
> " boot enet:0,yaboot ".
> the vmlinuz file is successfully transfered, the ramdisk.image.gz 
> transfert begins but fail to be achieved with the following error:
> Transfer FILE: /ppc32/fc6/ramdisk.image.gz method 'load' failed 00000300
> ramdisk load failed !
> I've also tried with the netboot image via yaboot, but it fails with the 
> same error message the previous one (for ramdisk.image.gz).
> It also fails if trying to boot it directly from OpenFirmware (" boot 
> enet:O,/ppc32/fc6/netbooot-ppc32.img ").
> BTW, is it a right method to load it, or the use of yaboot is required ?
> Some googling seem to indicate that the file to load via yaboot are too 
> big ?
> So I've built the last yaboot available from sources (1.3.14-rc1), but 
> errors messages remain the same.
> I've also tried to load vmlinuz/ramdisk.image.gz of FC7-t2, but it also 
> fails.
> Did I missed something ?
> Also is it a yaboot limitation while booting from network ? no such 
> limitations while booting from a physical media (cdrom) ?
> I must say that this is pretty difficult to find some infos. about this 
> :( and the Fedora wiki pages about PPC is pretty tiny.
> Thanks in advance for  any tips !
> Pierre BOURGIN

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