[PATCH 0/5] rsatoc: make useful for standalone RSA keys

Ahmad Fatoum a.fatoum at pengutronix.de
Thu Sep 21 03:23:05 PDT 2023

Standalone RSA public keys are those that aren't part of the default
keyring used for FIT verification. This can be useful if barebox is to
do board-specific RSA verification of e.g. unlock tokens.

This series lays first ground work.

Ahmad Fatoum (4):
  scripts: allow user to build rsatoc if COMPILE_HOST_TOOLS
  rsatoc: support extracting RSA public key from X.509 SPKI format
  rsa: fix typos and missing type definitions
  rsatoc: support generating standalone keys unreferenced by FIT keyring

Rouven Czerwinski (1):
  rsa: escape pkcs11 string passed to RSA command


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