[PATCH 2/2] ARM: Layerscape: Add LS1021A IOT board support

Renaud Barbier Renaud.Barbier at ametek.com
Thu Feb 16 05:58:26 PST 2023

> Is this the only phy or are there others? What does "devinfo mdio0-phy03"
> say?
> miitool -v output might be interesting as well.
Forgot this information:
barebox at LS1021A-IOT Board:/ devinfo mdio0-phy03
Driver: Generic PHY
Bus: mdio_bus
Parent: miibus0
  phy_addr: 3 (type: uint32)
  phy_id: 0x004dd074 (type: uint32)
Device node: /soc/mdio at 2d24000/ethernet-phy at 3
ethernet-phy at 3 {
        reg = <0x3>;
        max-speed = <0x64>;
        phandle = <0xf>;

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