[yocto] [OE-core] [PATCH 1/2] barebox: add initial support

Enrico Jörns ejo at pengutronix.de
Wed Feb 15 07:01:41 PST 2023

Am Mittwoch, dem 15.02.2023 um 15:11 +0100 schrieb Alexander Kanavin:
> On Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 14:53, Otavio Salvador
> <otavio.salvador at ossystems.com.br> wrote:
> > I think the Barebox inside OE-Core allows a bigger integration and
> > reuse of existing tooling for signing and other classes currently well
> > integrated with U-Boot. For me, a critical point for decision is if
> > Pengutronix will commit to support it.
> You should be well aware there's a history of people contributing
> stuff to core and even assigning themselves as maintainers, then
> disappearing.

If possible I would add my name with the above-mentioned Mailing list to the maintainers file.
This ensures I am responsible but not the only one reading the mails.

> And then it falls (largely) on me to keep things
> (barely) going. What happens if ptx withdraws its commitment? Can I
> then send a commit that removes barebox from core? Imagine the angry
> lynch mob that will show up after my head.

I am fully ok with removing barebox again if we fail maintaining it properly.

Should I sign this somewhere? ;)

> Adding things to core is a decision that cannot be easily reversed, so
> I'd rather have barebox in meta-barebox for a while, with any needed
> fixing to classes and infra in core.

It has been in meta-ptx since 2015 and in meta-barebox since 2016. I would call that 'a while' :)

Best regards, Enrico

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