[PATCH 0/3] mtd: nand: atmel: legacy: fix boot on USB-A9G20

Wolfram Sang wsa at kernel.org
Thu Apr 27 10:26:21 PDT 2023

Hi Sascha,

> Anyway, what's really missing is DT support. I scribbled a patch to get
> you started in case you are motivated. Basically it's: Compile in the
> device tree, throw away all the device registration from the board code,
> see where it gets you and fix the fallout ;)

So, I tried this patch and if the fallout was just some errnos or
devices missing, I would have fixed it. Sadly, the actual fallout is
that the board doesn't boot without any printing. This needs more
debugging than what I am willing to invest currently. But I can bring
the device to Prague if someone from PTX wants to try.

All the best,

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